Latin-American students
Latin-American students
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   While many schools already have associations for Latin-American students, these organizations tend to be geared more towards American students who share a common ancestry in Latin America but who have been living in the United States for all or most of their lives. And while these organizations still serve as excellent resources for students from Latin America who are in the U.S. to study, they may not always be enough. Those who speak little or no English and who have no experience living in the United States, may benefit more from forming alliances with others in their exact situation before assimilating into more traditional Latin-American student organizations. 
  It takes a special kind of motivation to create a new student organization on campus and students from Latin-America who wish to join an organization comprised of foreign students studying in the United States from elsewhere are more likely to have to create something new- than anyone else! There are so few organizations available of this type that we at Foreign-Student-Union.Com urge those of you who have left homes in Latin America to study in the United States to form groups, alliances, and to create school-recognized organizations!

Latin-American students

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