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   More than anyone else, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, & other Asian students studying in America find trouble understanding the language. Students from other continents like Europe typically either speak languages that have more in common with English or they've had greater exposure to English via their own country's educational system. But Asian students often arrive less prepared and have to struggle even more than other international students to understand their professors' spoken words as well as written course material.   
 Foreign-Student-Union.Com recommends that Asian students form separate unions - focusing on particular regions and/or Asian countries. By doing so, you'll be able to maintain an organization with university backing that can create functions, perform fundraisers, and even sponsor workshops to help tutor members in advanced, conversational English. And just as importantly, you'll enjoy all of the other benefits that go along with membership in student unions including the priceless ability to meet and form lasting relationships with other students from your homeland! Networking can and will push you ahead!


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